V-2048 Hyperspectral Imager

V-2048 :

The V-2048 Instrument is an airborne compact hyperspectral imager, using a new type of CMOS Focal Plane Array sensor. It acquires high spatial and spectral resolution imagery for use in ocean color science and forestry.

The V-2048 instrument consists of an all-reflective telescope, an Offner spectrometer, a detector, a reference stability monitor (RSM) and a motorized turn mirror, all mounted to a two piece lightweight bonded breadboard. The telescope is a four-mirror, all-reflective design with a 40-degree Field of View and a glass slit. It feeds light rays to the spectrometer. The spectrometer operates in the Visible and Near Infrared (VNIR) wavelengths and covers the 380-nm to 1020-nm wavelength range.

The RSM provides a stable light source emitting many wavelengths of light for in-flight spectral calibration. This light is directed into the spectrometer by means of a motorized turn mirror. When engaged, the turn mirror blocks incoming light from the telescope and only allows light from the RSM to enter the spectrometer. When disengaged, it allows only light from the telescope to enter the spectrometer. The VNIR detector is passively cooled. The entire assembly is mounted into the V-2048 Environmental Enclosure using three custom designed flexures to help isolate the instrument from thermal and mechanical induced distortions from the environment.


The V-2048 Instrument is very similar to the EMAS Instrument and contains components and technology from that project. We applied the knowledge gained on EMAS to produce a quick, trouble-free turnaround on this project.

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