Single Point Diamond Turned Telescopes:

We have manufactured numerous Single Point Diamond Turned telescopes in sizes ranging from 4 inches (10.2 cm) to 17 inches (43.2 cm), and we continually refine the process to make our telescopes even better.

WMD has developed proprietary processes for creating large metal mirrors that can be diamond turned to 50 Ångstrom RMS or less without nickel coating or post polishing and has used those processes in these telescopes with excellent results. With the addition of nickel plating and post polishing, large primary mirror roughness can be lowered to 30 Å RMS or less and the smaller secondary mirrors can achieve 20 Å RMS or less.

We have also developed a unique alignment system and mounting techniques that place no extra stress on the mirrors. We design and manufacture all necessary internal baffling elements and required mounting interfaces as well. The various components are combined to create a stable, rugged and lightweight telescope assembly.

In addition to our On-Axis SPDT Telescopes, WMD is also proficient with Off-Axis Telescopes and Wide Field of View Telescopes.

Wide FOV Telescopes:

Our Wide Field of View (FOV) Telescopes have been employed in various advanced hyperspectral imaging systems including NASA's Enhanced MODIS Airborne Simulator (EMAS).

Our Wide FOV Telescopes are typically push-broom style all-reflective with three or four off-axis aspheric mirrors, a glass slit, and are enclosed in a custom designed housing with internal baffling. We currently have designs with fields of view ranging from 40 to 50 degrees x 10 to 100 mrad. These telescopes are easy to assemble and can be delivered pre-aligned. Our latest generation Wide FOV Telescopes require no optical alignment and are snap-together, extremely stable telescopes with excellent stray light baffling.

We can design and build single or multiple telescopes depending on your needs.

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