About Our Optomechanical Engineering

Welch Mechanical Designs, LLC, designs and manufactures high-precision optical systems for commercial, military and scientific applications.

We specialize in telescopes, lasers and complete optic systems ruggedized for deployment in diverse environments.

Our engineers and machinists work together closely and smoothly, making us highly competitive in our field.

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Working With Us

Our mission is to design and manufacture world-class optical systems and support hardware for you. Our strength is in customizing our design and manufacturing services to accommodate any of your unique needs. We have extensive experience working with any size organization, from startups to large prime contractors.

Our clients find that we take the time required to assess their needs and provide a detailed statement of work to insure the project goes smoothly. Welch Mechanical Designs often hosts in-person meetings and also has the ability to host online WebEx meetings and reviews. Our clients say they keep coming back because they simply cannot find another optical engineering firm that delivers high-quality workmanship with as much responsiveness as we provide.

With Welch Mechanical Designs, you can simply give us a call and speak directly to our Senior Engineer.

What we offer

  • Easy communication
  • Competitive pricing
  • Highest-quality custom optics
  • Quick turnaround


Welch Mechanical Designs is always interested in expanding our customer, vendor, and collaborative relationships with other businesses, organizations and individuals across the globe. Please contact us if you are interested in supporting our efforts by becoming a vendor.

We currently serve around the world in markets such as:

  • Government research centers
  • Commercial systems
  • University research centers